Knicks at Night Welcome!

Hello and Welcome to Knicks at Night!

In one short month, the NBA season will be upon us and with it all of the joys and sorrows of another 82 games of New York Knicks basketball. The Knickerbockers have taken their fans to the peaks, as well as the valleys, over the last two years with regular season prosperity, statement wins, and oh-so-much futility. Now, with Melo locked up for the next five years, a rookie coach and basketball great in the front office, and a brand new offensive system to implement, most analysts have written off this team as missing the playoffs yet again or struggling to contend for the 8th season in an improved Eastern Conference.

Are they right?

The answer, as always, should be that it doesn’t matter one bit. Its basketball season again and this Knicks fan has got his guarded enthusiasm up and ready. There’s a good argument for saying that many of the Knicks underperformed last year and fell victim to a litany of off-court distractions. Its possible this season’s ‘Bockers more closely resemble the 54 win squad of 2012-2013 than last year’s train wreck, and square away a return to the postseason. Or, they implode again. It is the Knicks after all.

Either way, stay right here: Knicks at Night for total NBA and NYK basketball coverage. Giving you the good, the bad, and the bizarre, every night.


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