#1 The Cleveland Cavaliers

Yup, you coulda guessed this one. And, to be honest, there is not a single person who can claim to be a fan of the NBA, as a whole, and not be excited to see what’s going to happen in Cleveland this year. Someone said that Lebron returning in this way was a completely unique narrative in professional sports. I’m gonna believe it. This guy blew up the internet, super GM’ed his ideal team together, and basically proved once again “It’s Lebron’s World, we’re all just living in it.”

Get excited for how this could all fit together. Kyrie Irving is a sneaky beast. A pure scorer who seems to light up when put in the spotlight, and ESPECIALLY when surrounded by high-caliber teammates (see FIBA, 2014 All Star Game). I remember a horrifying game from a few years ago when Irving came to the Garden in an all-black face mask like he was fucking batman and dropped 41 on us. Just dancing around Jason Kidd and Pablo. We did take that one, by the way.

And Kevin Love. The final piece of the puzzle and Lebron’s masterstroke. That, and along with our boy Melo coming home, basically the entire summer’s worth of NBA news (sorry Chris). There’s a wealth of stuff out there on Love. Amazing outside shooter and scorer, one of the League’s premier rebounders. A stellar talent on a sad team. A poor defender who was never able to reach the postseason. The question really seems to be what Lebron’s role will be on influencing the defensive end of the court. The worry that James, Love, and Irving will all need touches on offense is a silly one. Try telling any other front office you don’t need a Big 3 to reach the Finals, get ready for the polite smile. The key for the Cavs may just be blowing teams out of the water during the regular season with a Pellies-esque Offensive Rating while the new players continue learning to work with one another and within 1st year coach David Blatt’s defensive schemes.

So let’s get back to the narrative. Season tickets sold out immediately. An unprecedented “lottery system” to cope with the demand for the remaining regular season seats. The value of the franchise doubling pretty much right after his announcement, a $500 Million swing overnight. The city of Cleveland reciting the words to Lebron’s Return letter outside of the Quicken Loans arena, fishing out all their old jerseys they “forgot” to burn. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I think this is all too cool; I only wish that I could’ve witnessed the King during my four years there.

I think its safe to say that we will see the Cavaliers in the playoffs this year. The real question will be what happens from there.

X-Factor = Dion Waiters.

Waiters could start but will likely play a 6th man role. Dion is a talented, if streaky, shooter and has a bucketful of athletic chops. Enough to become a pesky defender and certainly enough for him to receive at least a few layups and dunks again from James and Love facilitating on the wing. Waiters to me is indicative of the rest of the team. If everyone buys in, these guys could be very, very good.


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