My American Idol!

This is my first post under a category I will be calling “Swag and Drag”. These posts are going to be reserved for that wonderful part of the NBA that happens off the court. For every time Joel Embiid hits up Rihanna via twitter. For every rookie hazing tradition (perhaps none more cruel than Nick Young’s in L.A.). And for every time Blake Griffin bitch smacks a grown man in a Las Vegas nightclub, this writer will be there to break the story and ask all of you: Swag or Drag?

First post, this video

Did you watch it?

Whaat?? Liiike, whaat?

First of all, the guy giving this speech is terrible. Just terrible. Its like a lame motivation speaker and he can barely get the kids at a basketball camp excited about seeing a real NBA player. Yeah clap for that.

Second, why is Vic in the gym only a minute early? Shouldn’t he have gotten there 10 or 15 minutes in advance to warm up a little?

Oladipo looks bored as shit the whole time this is going on and does a few half-hearted calf stretches like there is some kind of escape from this moment. Maybe he would be more proud if the guy introducing him wasn’t so goddamn terrible.

AND THE SINGING?? The guy has introduced Oladipo as the 2nd pick of the NBA draft and a paragon of hard work and commitment. He went from being a mediocre high school talent to one of the best college players in the country. An example that all of the kids in the gym can follow and aspire towards. And so what do you want to see him do? Serenade them??? WHY IS HE SINGING? Why is he not giving them an exhibition even loosely related to basketball? Are the kids excited about this? What is the real takeaway here? That he worked hard and made it to the pros? Or that he has never given up on his one true passion and basketball is a side act?

Also he says, “Don’t put this on youtube”. Lolz. Though, seeing as there are under 300 views I must be one of the few people in the country outside of that gym to actually see it.

Anyway, Swag or Drag? Swag… I guess?

Make sure to look at some of the related videos. This guy can really croon.


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