Thespian Melo

If you clicked on this looking for coverage of the games over the past couple of nights, I’m sorry. I’m going to put those up when I have the time to write more detailed thoughts. Instead, we have another edition of Swag and Drag!!

While I’ve never seen the show, I was a little surprised to see Carmelo Anthony making an appearance in FX’s Sons of Anarchy. Nice right?

A little confused about the whole sequence here. First of all, I love stoic Melo, but couldn’t they find someone a little more intimidating for this sequence? Its supposed to be a rough, murder biker gang right? Secondly, they managed to make Melo seem shorter than all the other guy’s. Why not emphasize how tall he actually is if they’re trying to make him look intimidating? And lastly, why did Melo agree to do this? Is he a fan of the show? If not, it seems a little odd that he would want to do a six-second, non-speaking segment to increase his stage presence. How much could they have possibly paid him for those six seconds?

All in all, the juries still out on whether this falls into Swag or Drag, but I would say it is my favorite Melo television cameo so far, narrowly beating out he and Chris Bosh going full detective in SVU and a drug addict on Nurse Jackie (??)

Still waiting to see him in something I actually watch…

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