The Kings, The Nuggets, and… The Joker?

Last night’s basketball slate lacked any real marquee matchups (though the Jazz certainly gave the Clips a run for their money late) so I decided to check in on my buddy Reggie, playing in the mile-high Pepsi Center in Denver. To be honest, I was very surprised when the Kings managed to knock off the Clippers on Sunday afternoon and thought that between the big road win, Reggie, and the continuing emergence of Demarcus Cousins, these Kings could be a feisty team to get behind.

Boy was I wrong. Ugghh, what an ugly brickfest of a game. Looking at the box score, the Kings made just 40% of their FGs, which was somehow higher than the Nuggs at 38%. Not only that, but both teams shot under 25% from 3, with the Kings narrowly edging them out again 22% to 21%. That actually sounds better than it was if you can believe it. The Kings didn’t get their first 3 until late in the third quarter! I know Nik Stauskas didn’t play in this game but stillll, c’mon guys.

Not only that, but this game was played at trademark-Nuggets breakneck speed, meaning there were a TON of misses. And what does my boy Reggie do in those situations? GRAB FRIGGIN’ BOARDS! The dude had 14 rebounds in only 22 minutes of play, coming off the bench. He also managed to shoot 50% from the floor (though 1-2 for 2 points isn’t reaaaallly 50%. You know what I mean), way outpacing his teammates. But, the best thing of the entire night was that the Denver broadcasters continuously called him “The Joker“. (scroll to the very bottom) Now, Regg, you never told me you had this nickname. Was not aware of it at all. And, this wasn’t like when announcers will occasionally call Kevin Garnett “The Big Ticket” but then go back to calling him Garnett or KG. No, this was every time he touched the ball, every time he grabbed a rebound, every time he ran the floor: “The Joker”. There was even a moment where Evans went for a putback and missed. He took a moment to look at the refs as if to say he was fouled and the announcers claimed, “There’s some joking from The Joker.” Unbelievable. I think the only person having more fun than the commenting crew with that nickname was me, giggling wildly at my computer screen while Andrew Luck and the Colts laid a beatdown on the Giants on my TV in the background. (Yeah I multitask, what of it?)

Anyway, on a night that featured pretty horrendous shooting, as well as a triple flop, its great to see that I got something valuable out of those two hours. Plus Sacramento got the win!

God save the Kings. And long live The Joker!


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