Fun with L.A. Basketball

I’ve always hated the Lakers. I don’t know if its an East Coast-West Coast thing, a Kobe thing, or just their general sustained period of excellence on the court and in attracting free agents. Melo leaving for Chicago would have been heartbreaking. Melo leaving for L.A. would be grounds for ritualistic, prolonged torture.

And yet, I’ve suddenly found myself watching a lot of Lakers’ games. And not only that, but rooting for them. Sure, there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude in witnessing the humbling of the once-mighty basketball hub, as a grizzled Kobe sets career marks for FG misses and Byron Scott cries on the inside a little more every night. But it’s more than that. I’m not rooting against them, I’m rooting for them. Because the Lakers are the Knicks.

Think about it for a second. Besides the obvious East-West big media market comparison, these teams are built around ridiculous contracts for score-first divas. Both teams share a city with a newer, more exciting team that has been blowing them out over the last few seasons and laughing at them from the postseason pedestal. (Okay, the Nets are far from exciting, but you get it). Both teams are attempting to play a throwback offensive scheme with absolutely no regard for roster fit or the fact that 3/4 of the league (including every single successful team outside of Memphis has morphed into a pick-and-roll, 3 point bombing machine) have begun taking basketball to its next incarnation. And then, finally, if Kobe is West Coast Melo then Nick Young is… JR SMITH!!!

I’m sorry, its just too perfect. If you watched the clip then arguably the single greatest thing isn’t the shot itself, or the fuck-you celebration, its Clyde announcing “he actually practices that shot all the time”. What? Like instead of shooting normal 3s or pick and roll ball handling? Uggghhhh.

Because, last night with 0.5 seconds left in regulation and the game tied, the Lakers ran a set play for Nick Young to put up a desperation 3. Sadly he missed it, but the reason he was chosen? Nick Young practices trick shots all the time and routinely takes shots like this at practice. Wow. If Daddy Swag and JR Swish weren’t already similar enough off the court (I wish JR had stayed with Rihanna, we could debate celebrity couples) then this latest Lakers misfire is enough to show that we have two eerily similar dumpster fires going on in NY and L.A.

Party on Lakers, Party on.

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