Yeah, yeah the ‘Bockers took care of business, snapping their losing streak and making sure Philly kept a 0 in the win-column. Better than that? I WAS THERE!!!!

Honestly going into this game, I was completely prepared for the Knicks to lose. Yes, it was the Sixers. Yes they had rattled off an impressive 0-11 start to the season in their continued race to find deeper and deeper valleys of disgust. But every team’s gotta win sometime and I thought the Knicks’ general malaise combined with a much younger, more athletic team could lead to one of the least surprising upsets of this 2014 season. The Knicks do not like to run and they certainly do not like to defend guards so I was ready for MCW and Tony Wroten to slash their way through our tissue soft defense. (I linked their ESPN pages under the very real assumption that a casual basketball fan might not know a single player on the Philly roster. Check this out though! Filthy)

Well thank God none of that happened. The Sixers looked like, well the Sixers with the only real outstanding player being rookie-sophomore lottery pick Nerlens Noel (haha I’m done, if you guys don’t know him, I give up) who has been lining up at center despite being more of a Serge Ibaka PF. His gangly frame gives him a lot of quickness at that position, though (as well as SHOTBLOCKING), so he was repeatedly able to maneuver around the bigger, lumbering Dalembert for tip-ins, lobs, and a couple lay-ins on missed defensive communications. At no point did he look like a franchise player, but definitely a rotation player on a bad team. On the Sixers? He’s Patrick Ewing.

Seriously, though GM Sam Hinkie has put together some unheralded kind of crap roster. If you said that a team that failed to crack 20 wins in a season (and had a 26 game losing streak) got EVEN WORSE the next year I’d have to say that someone suffered a heartbreaking injury, or a coach got fired. Nope, just Philly being Philly. Gaming the system and throwing up the middle finger to everyone watching the whole time. The only thing lamer than telling my parents “We beat the Sixers!” would have been “We lost to the Sixers.” So, thanks for that Knicks. Thanks for not losing. Plus this happened (go to 1:10) so that’s cool too.

Rockets on Monday, let’s hope Dwight’s still too scared of Kobe to play.

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