Christmas Came Early!

Just when I thought my wishlist was empty!

So, a couple of weeks ago Reggie “The Joker” Evans and the Sacramento Kings released what may be the greatest holiday lineup, breaking the internet with a series of marvelous sweater shots. Leaf through the whole album, it’s worth it. I promise. I’ve gone through it three times today and I still can’t decide a favorite between Boogie solo cheesing by the fire, the giant superimposed McLemore face over an earlier picture, or Ramon Sessions next to adorable animals wearing Santa hats. WHO AM I KIDDING?? THEY’RE ALL MY FAVORITE! #americasteam

While that would have been swag for sure, I was rudely informed over the weekend that while this was a masterstroke by Sacramento’s marketing team, they did not in fact create the sweaters solely for the photo shoot. Nope. It turns out that in anticipation for Holiday season profits, the NBA has created an entire line of gross, clashing monstrosities. Wow.

I mean, what do you give to the fan who already owns every single jersey? What screams BASKETBALL more than a sweater? And, for the clueless parents out there whose ten year old kid loves the game: why get them a Kobe jersey when you can get him something with full sleeves? If I see that kid on the street, I’m tripping him.

Well congratulations hipsters. Your love of ugly sweaters has finally turned into mainstream merchandise. Guaranteed to keep you warm as you smoke outside the party instead of actually going in.

Season’s Greetings from Swag and Drag!

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