Derrick’s Depression

My boy Hen sent me THIS the other day.

First of all this is awesome, even in a vacuum. The title is appropriately misleading, Rose has the skills to challenge even Joakim, and the kid looks like he’s genuinely having fun out there. I mean, when is your best player also your hypeman? When does that happen?

However, I mention the vacuum because I was SHOCKED when I saw this. And not because I didn’t think Derrick had some serious dancing chops. Its because everything I’ve seen of Rose up to this point has been a complete stone-face. Maybe its the injuries, maybe its the pressure that comes with being the #1 pick and the youngest MVP ever, but dude does not smile. Dude does not laugh. Dude talks Joe Johnson slow and will never, NEVER dance.

Seriously, here’s Rose at the All-Star Game. (start at about 1:15) The title picture is from this event.

That’s a great video for a number of reasons. Lebron’s crotch grab as he walks on. Dwight Howard’s joyous smile as he realizes he can clown for the cameras and play basketball without anyone taking it seriously. And Derrick Rose’s absolute uncomfortableness with this moment. Everyone’s smiling and dancing. Rose is looking at his teammates like someone badmouthed his mother or slept with his girlfriend. In fact, the event actually spawned an ESPN article where Rose argued that the All-Star Game was neither the time nor the place for dancing. Sheesh.

Fast forward two years. THIS is Team USA doing the shmoney dance on the international podium after winning the gold, further hammering in to the rest of the world how arrogant and obnoxious Americans can be. I know its a short clip, but look for Rose. Its easy to notice him when you realize he’s the only one completely immobile. Its even highlighted by an aerial shot where all his teammates are bouncing around him and feeling the moment.

C’MON! You’re back from injury. You got to represent your country! You won the gold medal with the youngest, most inexperienced US Olympic Squad yet! No smile? Nothing??

Something terrible has happened to Derrick Rose. And we may never see him dance again.

Drag 😦

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