An Apology to America’s Team

I meant to do it guys, I really do and I have to apologize.

Lat night featured a pretty sparse two-game slate, neither of which seemed particularly interesting to me. Then I remembered that since ditching Josh Smith a couple of weeks ago, the Pistons went on to win 5 straight games and took on the league’s longest active win streak. A lot of those games were against dumpster fire opponents like the Knicks (sorrow) and the free-falling Cavaliers, but still five games in a row is pretty impressive for a team that was matching its total wins on the season (5-23 at that point.) So, with the league’s hottest team heading into San Antonio to take on the defending champs, I figured this was as good a measure as any to get a sense of how good the Pistons have really become.

Unfortunately, AND I APOLOGIZE PISTONS, I stopped watching after the first half. In my defense, it really looked like the Spurs were running these guys. Somehow Kyle Singler got the nod as the Detroit starting SF and Brandon Jennings was missing a ton of really gross, spastic pull-up shots. On the other side of the court, the Spurs were playing at almost their full-strength with Tony Parker returning to the starting lineup and Manu providing some crafty play from the bench. Despite some really pretty post-work from Greg Monroe (guarded by Tim Duncan no less), there just didn’t seem to be a lot going on for Detroit. Even though they were only down 9 at the half, I wrote them off, thinking the Spurs would hit their groove as the more disciplined team and ride homecourt advantage to an easy win.

I’M SORRY FOR WRITING YOU OFF DETROIT! Because when I woke up this morning, I saw that Brandon Jennings had won the game by coming up with a HUGE steal and running the court for a lay-in, sealing it 105-104. And now, with the Pistons leading the Mavericks on the second night of a back-to-back, I gotta say I feel like an asshole.

So, Knicks at Night faithful: I will be watching the Pistons this weekend and hitting you up with a full profile on how the Central Division’s bottom feeders have turned into AMERICA’S TEAM!!

See ya then!

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