I won’t jinx it. I won’t jinx it. I won’t jinx it.


Yes, they’ve all come against absolute cellar dwellers and have required mighty, herculean scoring efforts from Carmelo Anthony. Yes, at this point in a slap-my-face-wake-me-up nightmare season it would actually be better to just be taking losses and looking forward to a bright future And, yes, there is practically no chance that these brief moments of joy will be remembered at all when looking back at the Knicks’ toiletbowl, puppy drowning 2014-2015 campaign.

But still doe, THREE IN A ROW BABYYY!!!

I think its important for every true Knicks fan to take note of a couple of things from this week. These will all be of the utmost importance for shutting down all the haters out there who try to take away your slightest bit of joy when you gleefully announce to your friends and co-workers that the Knicks are winning again.

1.) This is the Knicks’ longest winning streak of the season and the Pelicans’ game was their first victory in over a month (!!!)

2.) The Knicks are somehow 3-4 in Langston Galloway’s 7 games with the team, which is not to say that Galloway is some kind of miracle cure or that 3-4 is particularly impressive, but that record would put them on pace for the 8th seed in the East and a game behind 7th seeded Miami. (A STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION I KNOW!)

3.) That while these games were to a couple of lottery teams and the Pelicans sans Davis, these were the exact kind of games the Knicks have been losing all season. Last night in particular was a close nailbiter that really required gritty play sustained through all 4 quarters AKA another gross home loss had this happened a month ago.

4.) That although Nik Vucevik had a MONSTER night, he spent the whole night being guarded by the Charmin’ soft Jason Smith and Melo who gave up at least three inches and 50 pounds. So, make fun of Carmelo if you want to for getting abused by an enormous Serbian center who is leading the league in double-doubles but he did things like THIS en route to a 25-7-4 night in a Knicks W.

Sorry, I want to go back to that block for a second and to all those Melo haters. First of all Melo is the only New York Knick who has actually gotten back on defense. Vucevik is clearly not his man but he rotates out of position to provide some killer help on the play (something that never would have happened under Woodson). Secondly, for a player who is maligned for being selfish and not giving an effort on the defensive end more than just about anyone in the league, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY ABOUT THAT PLAY?? (or this) Just pisses me off a little. Yes, Melo is what he is. A pretty boy ball-stopper who has yet to really live up to the success he had coming out of Syracuse. Call him out for forcing the New York trade, or for the endless ISO possessions, but dude cares about his team. Dude is trying to win every night and has continued battling his way through this abysmal season as the ownership dismantles the team around him and the training staff repeatedly try to force him to get his knee surgery and shut it down. For the best scorer in the league, I’d say Melo deserves a little more love for what he’s going through. Defensive much??

Around the League

1.) I know it was a Friday night and there was a full slate of games, but it seemed like there were a bizarre amount of close finishes last night. Kinda awesome going back and watching all the recaps. Shoutout Mr. Pink Shirt icing the Suns in Phoenix with the money shot.

2.) Speaking of which, peep this replay from the Nuggets-Celtics tilt. After having years of success in Orlando, Jameer Nelson has bounced quickly to Dallas, then Boston, and now.. Denver? With Ty Lawson sitting out because of possible DUI charges, Nelson got the start but LOOK AT THE HIGHLIGHTS. Homeboy is just walking up to the arc and shooting 3 pointers. This was the most obvious example of “I just got here, I don’t know the playbook… hmmm… Just put it up?”. I know he made some but still. AND GREAT COACHING JOB BRIAN SHAW!! Either you drew up some weird ISO for this completely new acquisition/non scorer or Nelson just ignored whatever play you called and went on to lose the game for his team in a lame 1 on 1 pull up. In the wake of this four game skid by the Nuggets, I’d say Shaw has to be on the hot seat.

3.) The announcer during the Bulls-Mavericks game referred to Dirk’s shots as “Germanlicious” not once, but twice.

4.) KLAY MOTHERFUCKING THOMPSON!!! Hahahaha you thought I wasn’t gonna say it. But then you read through the whole column, good for you. 37 points. 9-9 from 3. An NBA record and the absolute soul-crushing, demolition of a Kings team that was playing above their heads and doing a good job of keeping pace with the league’s best at the half. Unreal. I’m not going to expand on all the ramifications this has in solidifying the Warriors #1 rep, Klay’s best two-way 2 guard in the league rep, Steve Kerr’s “Thank God I didn’t pick the Knicks… again” rep, or the “Hahaha we almost traded Klay for Kevin Love and broke up the best backcourt in the league” rep. All I’m gonna say is… Had him on my fantasy team. Hollla.

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