Welcome back August! Welcome back October! And in one short, short, not-even full month WELCOME BACK NBA BASKETBALL!

And to my beautiful readership, you’re most welcome of all.

For those new to this shindig, or just in want of a little update, congratulations. You have stumbled upon the most irrational, most ignorant, most straightup blindly optimistic website covering all things Knickerbocker Nation. This is not the place to read up on league implementation of Fit Bit technology or a spirited discussion of the merits and demerits of Hall of Fame voting. This is not a forum on referees’ missed calls or the importance of the intentional foul rule on the spirit of the game. I am not an expert in CBA minutiae. There will be no regressions.

Most importantly, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO QUESTION THE EFFICIENCY OF CARMELO ISO-BALL!! 12-32 for 28 points in yet another tough loss? We’ll take it!!

I do recognize though, that the league is both much larger and (gasp) much more interesting than my beloved ‘Bockers. This was beaten into my sense of fandom fairly consistently last year until I ultimately pivoted away from 17-65  (haha I googled Knicks 2015 sorrow and this came up) and towards a more general coverage of all things basketball. And, while I am prepared to make an ass out of myself and fight for the Knicks’ possibility of earning that coveted 8th playoff seed/Cavalier sweep next season, I will be doing much of the same and trying to keep a focus on the happenings around the rest of the basketball universe.

In that vein, let us all take part in our introduction to the 2015-2016 season with the 2nd annual Knicks at Night NBA League Pass Rankings!

Again, a quick run-down. Forgot about record. Forget about playoff seed or standings or wins and losses. We’re getting into the nitty-gritty of pure entertainment and the teams that are going to tempt you away from your squad with the storylines you can’t possibly miss. Beautiful playing styles. Big-time summer acquisitions and the big-time expectations that come along with them. Electric players. And of course, all of the swag-up trash-talking and unbelievable personal meltdowns that make the NBA the most personal of any major sport aka the JR “#TEAMSWISH” factor! God I miss him.

Tune in daily, I’ll try to keep them comin’.

And, of course, welcome back!

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