Assemble the X-Men!!

Full disclosure: I stole this idea in its entirety from Daniel Reynolds and the Raptors HQ website. (Check em out they’re doing great work!)

But, for every great idea there is a great spinoff. And for everything not related to the Knicks, there is a chance to somehow make it related to the Knicks. Aaaand, for a huge X-Men nerd like myself (the comics/animated television show, not the movies) this was just too good to pass up. With no further ado..

Willy Hernangomez =


Iceman. Easy one here. The Knicks resident jokester with the killer smile. As seen making the “Unicorn” sign whenever KP is feeling it. His silky smooth post moves are eerily reminiscent of Bobby Drake gliding through the air on his ice slide.

Kristaps Porzingis =


Angel. Who do you give to the guy who has it all? Porzingis was a tough comparison but embodies the kind of youthful, high flying force that Angel was in the early issues. Plus his fresh-faced enthusiasm for this team and professional basketball in general nicely mirrors Angel’s steadfast commitment to Professor X’s philosophies as one of the first X-men.

Carmelo Anthony =


Cyclops. The “undisputed” leader of the team. Powerful, intelligent, experienced. None of that helps the fact that people just don’t seem to like him all that much…

Ron Baker =


Jubilee. Young. Unnecessary.

Courtney Lee =


Nightcrawler. Lee is a quiet presence on the court who still manages to be devastatingly effective. Sneaky sense of humor and the ability to “teleport” into the corner for an open 3.

Derrick Rose =


Colossus. Derrick Rose is inscrutable. Is there emotion? Is there feeling? Mehhh. It’s either full-on, full-metal jacket mode or he’s a broken, frail human like the rest of us.

Kyle O’Quinn =


Wolverine. True he’s not the star of the show, or the unquestioned hunk we’ve all come to associate with Hugh Jackman’s portrayal. But when you think about the toughness and ferocity of O’Quinn’s play (and the signature facial hair!).. you connect the dots.

Brandon Jennings =


Gambit. Explosive. Volatile. Jennings is just as likely to knock down a rainbow three as he is to throw out a maddening turnover. Plus the swagger is real.


Mindaugus Kuzminskas =


Psylocke. The silent assassin. ‘Kuz has gotten the nickname “Cheese” for the inability to keep a grin off his face but I see him more as the unexpected Euro grabbing a steal or knocking down a huge three.

Lance Thomas =


Bishop. Quiet. Reserved. Sometimes seems a little out of place on this team or in this time. Plus, Thomas channeled Bishop the other night, absorbing Jonas Valanciunas’ elbow into his face.

Marshall Plumlee =


Juggernaut. The big bruiser. Not really functionally on the Knicks just as Juggernaut was only functionally on the X-Men when tricked by Black Tom Cassidy (Even I had to look this up)

Maurice N’dour =


Cannonball. Energizer bunny. Ball of energy. Late to the team.

Sasha Vujacic =


Professor Xavier. Hahahaha, yeah right.

Justin Holliday =


Forge. Another quiet member of the Knicks, Holiday has the power to make all those around him better.

Joakim Noah =


Beast. Sometimes it’s that easy people. Dude is just plain ugly.


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